About The Ignited Man

The Ignited Man is where men can come to positively transform their lives, to grow, develop, learn and be inspired.

Hi, I’m Stuart Dixon. I’m the founder & host of the Ignited Man, a podcast designed to help men just like you find balance, reclaim their authenticity and purpose, to reignite their passionate for life, one without limitation.

If you’re tired of struggling to get through the day, meeting the expectations and demands put on you by others, then you’re in the right place. My goal with The Ignited Man is to deliver the inspiration and tools you need to reignite the fire inside you to positively transform your life and by doing so, the lives of those you love.

Each week, through the podcasts I bring to you insights and inspired strories from people that we can all learn from, providing you with their best tactics, resources and advice for a that can deliver us an extraordinary life. I will do this by producing rich content that gets to the heart of success, health, wealth and abundance in all areas of our lives.

Meet Stuart Dixon

I have been interested in personal development since my early 20’s. It all started during a challenging time in my life when I sketched out a simple happiness formula down on a scrap piece of paper, a simple exercise that immediatley cleared my head and kick started something in me to discover what it takes to have a happy, healthy and successful life.

The world continues to change at a break neck speed and with it the mental wellbeing of men appears to be deterorating. Alarmingly the Samaritans have recently published that in the UK there were 6,059 suicides in 2018 and that suicicide rates in young men have increased by 23.7%  and that middle aged men 45 to 49 having the highest rate of all suicides.

My own mental health has been tested many times, not thankfully to these worrying levels but as I get older I am recognising that many men are struggling to keep up. To even stand up and to be the hero they so want to be. My mission is to ease that struggle, support men and set them on a course of transformation. If I can help one man’s life is a small way, all of this is worth it!

Many people have achieved personal greatness, have built beautiful fulfilling relationships, crafted rewarding careers, achieved financial freedom, accomplished elite health and well-being. There are patterns and formulas to their mastery, we just need to find them and model them for ourselves.

The Ignited Man Mission

The Ignited Man has been around since 2005 in various different forms and in 2017 I decided to step it up. I am not a life coach, doctor, guru or an expert but a marketer and creative professional by day. The Ignited Man is my passion and this as much my journey to life mastery as it is yours.  My intention is to grow the podcast into a high-value resource for men seeking to live an extraordinary life while enabling me to meet like-minded and inspirational people, enhance my own life experience and knowledge and to one day (Full disclaimer) be my primary source of income (something that I will share with you as I go).

The Ignited Man will cut through the noise of information paralysis and get to the actions we all need to be taking. I hope you will get value from your experience. My mission is:

  • To educate and inspire you to take control of your life and to help on your own journey to self mastery.
  • Share with you the tools and information I have used to take action and positively transform my life in the hope that you will benefit also.
  • To build a community of support that can also hold you accountable to your goals and drive you to success.
  • To introduce you to inspirational people whose experiences and knowledge are so powerful that you will be driven into action to transform your life.
stuart dixon