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The Ignited Man has been created to positively transform the lives of men.  Through high value content, resources and our community we help people just like you to level up and to open up wherever you are in your own personal journey. You maybe at a challenging time in your life or looking to looking develop yourself, if so you’ve come to the right place. The Ignited Man is about your wellbeing, lifestyle design and self-mastery.


A little bit about me

Hi everyone, welcome and thank you for stopping by. The Ignited Man is the result of a series of life experiences that have driven me to design my own life and make a difference to others.


In the last ten years I had become a father, a husband, undergone serious spinal surgery following a tumor and had lost many important people in my life. Life really is short.  I have mounting responsibilities, pressures and expectations, like you. In 2019, as I  approaching my fourth year with my last employer I was made redundant. At 42 this was the second time this has happened. It’s fair to say I was struggling. There must be a better way, right?


I learned a valuable lesson. To trust my own instincts and not put my life in the hands of others. To take control, fail forward, take action on the life I want. I needed to adapt to support my family, look after mental health, and take charge of my own future.

Stuart Dixon Host of the Ignited Man

Stuart Dixon, founder of The Ignited Man podcast

The Ignited Man Podcast


Fear of failure and self-doubt hold us back from everything. The only thing we should be scared of is inaction, inactivity, and idleness.


If we back down against the struggle we rapidly deteriorate. In our constant and continued action, we find our drive and momentum towards growth, success, and happiness.

Stuart Dixon


Introducing Project 'F*ck it'

I have been interested in personal development since my early 20’s. It all started during a challenging time in my life when I sketched out a simple happiness formula down on a scrap piece of paper, a simple exercise that immediately cleared my head and kick-started something in me to discover what it takes to have a happy, healthy and successful life.


15 years ago (roughly) I wanted to start an online business that could make a real difference. Many things got in the way. Life. Family. Self-doubt. I was dabbling in blogging but wasn’t building anything of value.


My latest redundancy was like pouring ice-cold water over my head. I had also become more aware that my male friends, family members and former colleagues were struggling with life. I researched men’s wellbeing and was appalled. As the world continues to change at breakneck speed, the mental wellbeing of men appears to be deteriorating. Alarmingly the Samaritans have recently published that in the UK there were 6,059 suicides in 2018, that suicide rates in young men have increased by 23.7%  and that middle-aged men 45 to 49 having the highest rate of all suicides. Many men are struggling to keep up. To even stand up.


I decided to go self-employed and to bootstrap the start of a podcast for men’s wellbeing.  To overcome my self-doubt I nick-named the podcast ‘Project F*ck it’,  a joke initially, but in reality a significant physiological step for me in taking action. My first action being, to crowdfund in order to get started. My crowdfunding campaign was successful and I was able to buy the equipment and the set-up I needed.


The Ignited Man Mission

My mission is to ease your struggle, support you and set you on a course of transformation. I am not a life coach, doctor, guru or an expert but a marketer and creative professional by day. The Ignited Man is my passion and this as much my journey to life mastery as it is yours.


My intention is to grow the podcast into a high-value resource for men seeking to live an extraordinary life while enabling me to meet like-minded and inspirational people, enhance my own life experience and knowledge and to one day (full disclaimer) be my primary source of income (something that I will share with you as I go). I hope the show will be entertaining as they are informative.

The Ignited Man will cut through the noise of information paralysis and get to the actions we all need to be taking. I hope you will get value from your experience. My mission is:

  • To educate and inspire you to take control of your life and to help on your own journey to self mastery.
  • Share with you the tools and information I have used to take action and positively transform my life in the hope that you will benefit also.
  • To build a community of support that can also hold you accountable to your goals and drive you to success.
  • To introduce you to inspirational people whose experiences and knowledge are so powerful that you will be driven into action to transform your life

If I can help one man’s life is a small way, all of this is worth it!